eva hesse

"The artist who did the most to humanize Minimalism without sentimentalizing it was Eva Hesse."

"Dying of brain cancer at thirty-four, an age at which most artist's careers are barely under way, she left a truncated body of work but one of remarkable power: an instrument of feeling that spoke of an inner life, sometimes fraught with anxiety..."

From "American Visions", by Robert Hughes.

(Her studio)


Patti said...

Love Eva Hesse! Lovely blog! Me encanta.

Ritva said...

yes, she was remarkable!
thank you!

Anonymous said...

She is an all time favourite. I saw a full exhibition here in Germany as well as in San Francisco later on and I still love the catalogue after years. Thanks for reminding me of her!
I found your blog through Ritva of Lumetta and I am ever so glad!

Anonymous said...

Love her work. Very distinguished