winter design


1 / Mademoiselle chair, by Ilmari Tapiovaara.
2 /Braun Audio 2, Designed By Dieter Rams.

Seen here.


gareth long

And She Was, 2005.
Gareth Long.

Via lo studio.


chris connell


I must say i´m not so sure about the designer of the first one. I have been looking for that bed at his site and didn´t found it. If you have more information, please tell me.

Chris Connell.
Seen here.


jennilee marigomen


A friend recomended me this photographer.
I really like it.


iko iko



The iko iko blog.

I could go to LA, crosing the ocean, just for visiting this shop, believe me!
I adore it, and Ashley´s creations are awesome. Take a loot to this rug, and this headband.
Seen at her blog: der:die:das.




What a wonderful woman.

Go here for the complete session.
I specially recomend Little Tiger, at 4:38", and Hatari at 16:18".
Myspace and discography.


masse critique


If you don´t like your walls, create an art piece!
There are many possibilities to make your life a bit less boring :)

Masse Critique, 2008, by Kilian Rüthemann & Niklaus Wenger.
Via today and tomorrow.


axel hoedt

Flowers, 2005, by Axel Hoedt.
Found at ffffound.


chàrlene fétiveau


Can't stop listening Vincent Gallo's album "Recordings of Music for a Film" and Fever Ray.
I'm sorry for this time i haven't posted anything.
Now i have many things to show you.

Remember this name: Chàrlene Fétiveau.

Via Dropular.




I would love to be there, right now.

Photo by Tom Crabtree.
By the way, i used to live in front of this pharmacy the first year i spent in Madrid. What a coincidence.


cameron wittig


Completly lost in the path of my life.
So many projetcs. I don´t know what to choose.

Photos by Cameron Wittig.


serpentine gallery pavilion


Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, 2009, London.
Projected by Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa of Sanaa.
An interesting video here.
Photo by Iwan Baan.

I have created a site in facebook: Modern Japanese Architecture.


toru aoki


I have been thinking about the idea of the essentialism as a new philosophy of life.
And about a possible name for a music group: "In the Middle of Nowhere". It´s already taken?

I have to say that i really don´t know the utility of this thoughts :)

Listen to Glasser, it great.

Photos by Toru Aoki.
Seen at i heart photograph.


stefan diez

I´m doing a film direction course this week, and making a short film!
It´s more like videoart, without story. I´m enjoying it a lot.

1404 Tables / Bar-Stool
I adore this paper bag too.
By Stefan Diez.


rémi bouhaniche


Etirement, by Rémi Bouhaniche.
Seen at Dezeen.


syoin kajii


I am afraid of the sea, but i can´t live far of it.
It´s my inspiration. It makes me stronger.

I feel lonely and comfortable while i am swimming.
I hide myself. I only leave my eyes outside. My nose touches the water.
I look at the horizon and feel little, just a child.
I hear the waves. I would love to sleep.

I´m falling in love with this deep blue sea.

Syoin Kajii.
Via todayandtomorrow and 2 or 3 things I know.



Wall sconce, 1970 /Jean Prouvé Task chair, 1940.
From here.


oh no ono


Cute boy.
Swim, Oh No Ono.


jean prouvé


The standard chair, 1940, by Jean Prouvé.
Here a two-seater desk.
Seen at The Scout.


paul sepuya


I have to say that I specially like
the colour of skin in photography.

Paul Sepuya.
Photos seen at his blog.

Via iheartphotograph.


junya watanabe

This collection is not new, but i have just found it and fell in love.
Junya Watanabe, Fall2008.



more david schoerner


I posted about this photographer a week ago, and some beautiful blog show me this photo that i hadn´t seen. Love it.
Seen at thezoobezoobezoo.




1 Aumont, Geraldine Jeanjean
2 Family Tree, Ringel Goslinga
3 Mist, Niels Stomps

We would come to doubt everything. And almost everyone would come to doubt
, Wytske van Keulen.