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Coming back to Japan soon!

These photos are taken by a dressmaker I met in Tokyo last time. This is his blog. I really liked his atmosphere.

And these chairs are made by Seijiro Tsukamoto, one of the most interesting artists I've met in Japan.




1. Tall, Building Block.
2. Element table, Faye Toogood.
3. Green, Campbell Sibthorpe.


Camille Henrot


I posted before about this artist, but I had to show more. It is absolutely great.
Ikebana, by Camille Henrot.



Suemono, Yasuhisa Kohyama.
Ikebana, Camille Henrot.



Takayuki Watanabe 渡辺 隆之

Yesterday I updated Takayuki's website with his new works.
Once I cooked for them and it looked like this.
Here you have a video from his exhibition at Mitte.
(Music by Takayuki Watanabe)




Johan Creten, Shanghai Sky, 2012 [via curated-by]
Beauty and the book [via Claire Cottrell]

Rietveld chair [via Art & Artists]



Ikebana, Camille Henrot
    Via Michelle Chamlee.

Chair 01, Daphna Laurens

If I am not here so often, Tumblr will have always something new.
By the way, I am now living in Berlin.

And... I miss Grijs.



Hello everyone!
I'm not posting so often here since I started using tumblr, so if you want to see more of my ephemeral collections (like this), check my tumblr. I'm also using svpply, it's so easy to use! Here is my svpply profile.

More... I'm still in Japan, living in a zen monastery, 180km far from Kyoto, in the west cost. I have been here for one month and a half. It's being a very interesting experience, very... inspirational. Take a look to their website. Also you can see some of the photos that i have been taking here.
So... taking some time for [not]thinking.

As always, thank you for posting such beautiful things, specially to Renee, Montmarte is also a "temple of peace" for me :)

Take care!