sr. serrano


My friend Fran saw this proyect by Sr. Serrano some days ago.
Here we can´t brag of many interesting things, but when we have something good, it´s very very good.

Here is the dossier of this proyect, called "Contra Natura".

I´m still organizing everything for the trip.
I have created a blog for posting about the adventure. I want to tell you what´s going on, it´s very exciting!
I have been investigating a lot of things. You will see :D

gareth long


"Bouvard and Pécuchet's Invented Desk For Copying".
Another piece by Gareth Long.
Via lo studio.


RIP lhasa de sela


Gracias a tu voz, por haberme alcanzado,
tuve que perderme 'pa llegar hasta tu lado.
Gracias a tus versos, por haberme abrazado,
tendré que quemarme 'pa llegar hasta tu lado.

Tribute to the song "'pa llegar hasta tu lado", by Lhasa de sela, who has left us this 1st of January, at the age of 37.