sr. serrano


My friend Fran saw this proyect by Sr. Serrano some days ago.
Here we can´t brag of many interesting things, but when we have something good, it´s very very good.

Here is the dossier of this proyect, called "Contra Natura".

I´m still organizing everything for the trip.
I have created a blog for posting about the adventure. I want to tell you what´s going on, it´s very exciting!
I have been investigating a lot of things. You will see :D


ii-ne-kore said...

great idea! looking forward to seeing the adventure recorded:)

Make it Easy said...


joanne said...

amazing. thanks so much for sharing! i always find fascinating stuff on your blog - i missed it :) i'm so excited for you. it's almost here! can't wait to hear about all the things you'll see and do!