design of the 20s-40s


These are some designs of the 20s, 30s and 40s, seen at the MOMA´s online collection.

native american crafts


Native American Crafts, from here.

I found a book that looks really interesting: "A Handmade Life", by William S. Coperthwaite.


earth architecture


I love this kind of earth architecture.
It would be also great to travel to Africa. I live very near, in Canary Islands, but I have never been there.
I want to visit Mali!
Yes, I want to do so many things...
Musgum earth architecture.


peruvian handicrafts


Some days ago I found a very interesting website of a museum dedicated to anthropology. It has a huge library with information of artcraft from all the world.
I spent hours looking for ceramic, clothes, and every kind of handmade objects, completly fascinated.
I am glad to share with you this wonderful discovery.

As the collections are online you can easily perform searches.
I have prepared some posts about different cultures to show the things I like the most. The first one is from Peru.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to travel around the world researching craft forms?
And to later on open a school where you can learn how to be completely self-sufficient, making your own things with your hands.
I have been thinking about this for a long time now.