peruvian handicrafts


Some days ago I found a very interesting website of a museum dedicated to anthropology. It has a huge library with information of artcraft from all the world.
I spent hours looking for ceramic, clothes, and every kind of handmade objects, completly fascinated.
I am glad to share with you this wonderful discovery.

As the collections are online you can easily perform searches.
I have prepared some posts about different cultures to show the things I like the most. The first one is from Peru.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to travel around the world researching craft forms?
And to later on open a school where you can learn how to be completely self-sufficient, making your own things with your hands.
I have been thinking about this for a long time now.


SASHA said...

i think about just this too, all the time.

Make it Easy said...

wow, these are so special!
thanks for sharing your discovery!

thank you for the comment! my boyfriend did my new header for me :-D

SuTurno said...

Es una buenísima idea! Sería una ocupación preciosa...


Golden Smith said...

buzz me teaching gold and silversmithing at your school of self sufficiency!!!!!

Nazara said...

of course! it would be wonderful :D
the most difficult thing is to find people to participate in the project.
so, keep in contact and if the idea comes out be sure i´ll call you!!

catkin and teasel said...

Looks absolutely fascinating. I'd love to check it out one day!

mayken said...

Well, that's exactly the idea that has been lingering in my mind after my great trip to Peru..
The colours, the crafts: I wish I'd learned some of their skills.