Hello everyone!
I'm not posting so often here since I started using tumblr, so if you want to see more of my ephemeral collections (like this), check my tumblr. I'm also using svpply, it's so easy to use! Here is my svpply profile.

More... I'm still in Japan, living in a zen monastery, 180km far from Kyoto, in the west cost. I have been here for one month and a half. It's being a very interesting experience, very... inspirational. Take a look to their website. Also you can see some of the photos that i have been taking here.
So... taking some time for [not]thinking.

As always, thank you for posting such beautiful things, specially to Renee, Montmarte is also a "temple of peace" for me :)

Take care!



m. said...

I just discovered your blog. Very subtle and very inspiring! Good time in Japan.

Make it Easy said...

ooh you're in Japan the same time i was!! wow
what a special time for you at that monastery!! i hope you find what you are looking for, and enjoy


INCREDIBLE! in awe over your photos, and your time in the countryside!

montmarte said...

oh, nazara! you are so inspiring to me. the zen monastery sounds like an experience of a life-time. looking forward to seeing more photos of your time there!

take good care and big hugs.

Little Girl Lost said...

I discovered your blog (and your tumblr)not too long ago, and I have just spent the morning trawling through your archives. so in love, especially with your blog header! *soph

Anonymous said...


wanted to say hello! i really enjoy your aesthetic, and your lovely website. and also thank you for linking my blog to yours, i have enjoyed your images for a few years now.

you seem to be a traveling gal and if you are ever in the US you have a place to stay in Wisconsin!

Courtney Joy

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