ann woo

A big post dedicated to this awesome photographer, Ann Woo.
You can see more of her works here, and other interesting photographers.

Found at applejacks.


Ritva said...

thanks, a great post!

how about you,
would you like to play in our imaginary band?
no skills required.
just pick the instrument or task you want to fulfill.
we are: schanett, the cello, jo, the xylophone, outi, the manager, jennifer, the bass and me the flute.
please, let us know!

sarah said...

Absolutely beautiful photo's!

janis said...

I love the mammoth photographs. Spacious and clean...

Bree said...

Love the photos you chose - so nice to see them a little larger...makes them really powerful.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful blog! I too love the layout- the big photos. Very Nice. Welcome to our "band."