noele lusano


I´m completly absorbed by the world that surrounds this artist.
Her photos, about the sea, that cold sea that makes you feel a little lonely, but in peace.
That colors, the way she combine them.
The horizon, the brume, the sea smoke.


Here some recomendations if you want to know more:
First, her flickr, of course -and take a look to this video-.
Second, the blog.
And third, the site.

And if you want more, go to her last.fm site, what a great taste.



Anonymous said...

Nazara, I just so adore what you are doinghere.

Gosh, I must have spent a good deal of time looking at her work.

Thank you ever so much, it has changed my day completely.

Studio calling me!

joanne said...

i agree with jo - thank you SO much for sharing her work!!! i'm absolutely in love both your blog and hers :)

kindra said...

Your blog is new to me! I love it!
+ noele's work is so outrageously
l o v e l y!

Schanett said...

such an interesting artist!
thanks for the link!

like these works a lot!

Jennifer said...

Sorry you missed the Butoh...

but thanks for sharing the work of this artist. xo