oh no ono


Cute boy.
Swim, Oh No Ono.


joanne said...

i love this!! and i also love the play on words in the title too, haha :P hope you're having a good weekend! <3

juanjo ruiz said...

Es genial el video...atrevido.

Ritva said...

hi nazara,
haven´t seen you for a while.
i had a lot to catch up.
thanks for all the interesting and beautiful things here!
something quite funny too, these works of david shoerner, first i saw this beautiful photo of a woman and it reminded me the works of a friend of mine, marjaana kella, a finnish photographer. if you like to take a look:

and you know, also the other photo (the surface of the sea), i have bought years and years ago almost exactly similar photo of marjaana kella! isn´t it amazing. people without knowing each other are so similar in some ways!
i have also posed for her in a state of hypnosis. if you want, here you are: vanzoetendaal.nl/.../hypnosis/ritva3/

matutino said...

hummm.. curioso vídeo, curioso niño y cómo se las trae la madre.. =P