syoin kajii


I am afraid of the sea, but i can´t live far of it.
It´s my inspiration. It makes me stronger.

I feel lonely and comfortable while i am swimming.
I hide myself. I only leave my eyes outside. My nose touches the water.
I look at the horizon and feel little, just a child.
I hear the waves. I would love to sleep.

I´m falling in love with this deep blue sea.

Syoin Kajii.
Via todayandtomorrow and 2 or 3 things I know.


Make it Easy said...

wow! beautiful. intense

juanjo ruiz said...

Esas olas son maravillosas.
Me recuerdan a los geniales grabados japoneses.


feliz día!

sofiasophie said...

alucinantes esas fotos...
-Y si, estoy de acuerdo con juanjo ruiz, en seguida pensé en los grabados de las olas.

ii-ne-kore said...

amazing images

juanjo ruiz said...

Puede ser ue en Marruecos haga el mismo calor que en la Mancha.
No te preocupes, intentaré hacer algunas en proximo año en mi periplo madrileño y así te vendrá más cerca.
El primer enlace que me has mandado no se ve. El segundo sí, es muy bonito, muy particular (me siento un voyeur viendo algo tan intimo).

Que tengas un bonito día.

joanne said...

it's strange how still and calm those waves look. i am also afraid of the sea... but mostly due to the fact that my toes can't touch anything, that there's only miles and miles of water below my feet.

hmmmmmm you've got me thinking!

ps. happy weekend :)

SeeSaw Designs said...

just lovely. the perfection inspiration to start off my day.

Anonymous said...

what a work.

thk u for sharing such*