stefan diez

I´m doing a film direction course this week, and making a short film!
It´s more like videoart, without story. I´m enjoying it a lot.

1404 Tables / Bar-Stool
I adore this paper bag too.
By Stefan Diez.


joanne said...

film direction course?! that sounds absolutely fantastic! i've been wanting to make short films for a while... never found the time though. maybe you can show us when you're done? :)

happy weekend!!

ps. how was the moving process?

sofiasophie said...

lovely post!

podremos ver lo que has echo en video?

Ritva said...

hello you composer- film director!
so much going on here-
(love the waves)!

i don´t know if you noticed that i did answer to your question (some time ago 22.07.09, in my blog)