toru aoki


I have been thinking about the idea of the essentialism as a new philosophy of life.
And about a possible name for a music group: "In the Middle of Nowhere". It´s already taken?

I have to say that i really don´t know the utility of this thoughts :)

Listen to Glasser, it great.

Photos by Toru Aoki.
Seen at i heart photograph.


ii-ne-kore said...

in the middle of nowhere - what kind of music would it make, i wonder? music with a lot of space inside it, i imagine...wonderful photos!

sofiasophie said...

beautiful pics,
it make me think about how and who we really are, howwe are seen by the others....

nice post......

juanjo ruiz said...

Vaya estas fotos son una pasada! buff como me gustan.

Me ha gustado mucho glasser , la de apply es un temazo.
Me recuerda la voz de la canatante a :
happy Sunday girl!
See you later

joanne said...

are you starting your own music group?! (even if you aren't, you shoulllldd)

glasser is amazing by the way, thanks for the recommendation :)

toru aoki said...

hello.Thank you for introducing my works.I am really glad to find this page.