cameron wittig


Completly lost in the path of my life.
So many projetcs. I don´t know what to choose.

Photos by Cameron Wittig.


joanne said...

it's odd how everybody seems to be in a rut at this time of year! don't worry. too many options is better than none :)

plaisirs simples said...

so pretty all of these! especially fond of the birds pic!

ii-ne-kore said...

so many projects is difficult sometimes! but i am sure you will find your path!
this series of pictures is breath-taking, and an amazing illustration of what you say.

juanjo ruiz said...

Qué bonitas las fotos!
Tienen un aire tan relajante, pero a la vez tan lejano.

Que lo disfrutes:

Make it Easy said...

these are absolutley BEAUTIFUL. what a wonderful collection! are those magnolias??

Sanne said...

amazing! all beauty