takayuki watanabe 渡辺 隆之


What a surprise when i saw Takayuki's works on Kimberly's blog!
Don't you think that these pieces are amazing?

Takayuki Watanabe is an artist that i met in Japan last year.
He is a ceramist from MinamiIzu, Shizuoka.

He doesn't have a website, but if you are interested in his works, write me and i'll put you in contact with him.



I'm so happy you've been reunited with your old friends :)

Ella [moleskine.] said...


mady dooijes said...

beautiful indeed!

PBL said...

so sensitive !!!

Sokokashiko said...

His work is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Anat Rodan said...

We love Takayuki's work, and are interested in a price list. May you send it to uri@anrlax.com

Thanks so much.

leigh said...

this is a very late comment but i am wanting to get in touch with BOTH you and takayuki watanabe.
can you send me your email address?
mine is lp@leigh-patterson.com

hannah(at)storycompany(dot)com said...

HI! I have no idea how I found your blog. I think through random Pinterest clicking!

Anyways. I just started working for new business called the Story Company. We will be working with, and selling global artisan goods from around the world. Would love to get in touch with your friend that does ceramics!